Coffee Culture & Business Ideas

The coffee mania that’s sweeping the globe doesn’t seem like it’s going to be letting up anytime soon, so this is a good time as any to start thinking about entering the field as a professional with a solid, related business idea. From lactose-free morning drinks to specialty coffees, everything seems to have been already explored… Or has it? Of course not everyone can be a Leo Hulseman, coming up with the concept behind the ubiquitous disposable cup.

So what’s the best next thing if you do not have a genius idea that involves a patent? Starting from square one, of course, and opening a cafĂ© of your own! No other establishment is as popular or attracts as many investors: everyone seems to have their own personal ideas on how to set up the perfect place, with friendly staff, a warm atmosphere and high quality products.

Common mistakes, instead, include not enough attention to details such as the usability of lavatories or, surprisingly enough, the name of their new shop.

Exactly, forget about that “Green Bean Cafe”: a Google search indicates roughly 2.4 million of instances for this particular name, and names, as you are certainly aware, are everything in this business. Coffee shops only thrive when they’re popular, and to be popular they need to be crowded with customers. A good name is right there with other fundamentals, and luckily the Internet comes to the rescue by even suggesting name generators so you’re not stuck in a rut when it comes to be attractive to potential coffee drinkers.

Other useful tips may include:

  • Hosting events regularly: it may be a book club, an open mic or a tasting – having people over will help expanding your customer base!
  • Do your research: know all the other Green Bean Cafe in town before opening your own, AKA know your competitors and do what they’re not doing!
  • Find a niche: it could be an eco-friendly stance, with recycled cups, napkins and teaspoons; it could be a “no WiFi” policy; it could be having only local brews on sale. Your imagination is the limit!

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