Coffee: Not Just For Drinking

Coffee culture is so pervasive that it doesn’t extend solely to the actual drinking of the world famous beverage. As a matter of fact, coffee appears as an ingredient in a myriad of non-edible concoctions, intended to make you look better… Or to make your house cleaner and shinier.

It’s not a big secret, honestly: our grandmothers, and their grandmothers too, had many uses for coffee grounds once they were done with drinking their morning cup. In the last 80 years or so, these “alternatives” were forgotten about in favour of many other (mostly chemical) products, but they’re making a comeback now thanks to a renewed interest for natural substances in our lives.

So when you prepare your coffee, don’t necessarily throw away your used grounds. They might be useful too, even though most of the following remedies need fresh coffee powder. A stop at the best cafes in Toronto (or any other place near where you live) will confirm that these methods are tried and tested!

As a face scrub

The texture of finely ground coffee is perfect for getting rid of impurities. It has to be mixed with lemon juice or honey, together with almond milk. If you don’t fancy smelling like coffee, try adding cocoa powder to the mixture and apply to your skin.

As a fertiliser

Used coffee grounds can be mixed with soil to produce a super-effective fertiliser that will have your plants grow faster and stronger. They are also fantastic when you need to protect roots in wintertime. And the smell of coffee keeps away parasites, insects and snails.

As a hair product

For healthier hair, massage it with extra strong coffee you’ll have brewed in advance so as not to get burned (pro-tip: make more coffee than you usually would for longer hair!).

In the kitchen

The very same texture that is beloved by many of the best cafes in Toronto can be used effectively to clean kitchen surfaces and the fridge as well (and it gets rid of bad smells, too!).

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