The Strangest Coffees Worldwide

When you stop at the best coffee shops in Toronto (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter) and wait for your order to be prepared, certain requests by fellow customers may disgust you or even upset you – everyone likes their coffee their own way, so beyond the usual lattes, macchiato, decaf or iced coffee there are so many caf├ęs preparing their own concoction in hope of attracting more customers. Because of this, we thought we’d list the most peculiar coffee-based specialties in the following listicle.

  • The Joffee: meets juice (usually blueberries’, but there’s an alternative available featuring coconut). Disgusting or incredibly refreshing? Available in the bigger cities of Texas, you’ll have to travel there to find out!
  • The Avolatte: as the name suggest, this latte is served in a half avocado. The name stuck even when the owners at Locals Corner in Sydney swapped the green fruit for a carrot, carved to resemble a cup.
  • The CLR CFF: invented and sold in Slovakia, it’s an iced coffee that lost its signature black colour. The clear liquid has the exact same properties of a regular coffee, but it won’t stain your teeth.
  • The Spicy Taco Coffee: for lovers of everything Mexican, this brew combines a classic robusta quality with a spicy flavour: probably not advisable first thing in the morning!
  • The Bulletproof: this has been around for quite a while, and it can probably put in the same family as other “coffees with strange food in it”, such as maple-coffee or cheese-coffee. In this case, a dollop of butter is splashed into the cup.
  • The Edible cup: a less puzzling variation on the “Avolatte”, you’ll probably be able to get this in some of the best coffee shops in Toronto as well as New York or London: the drink you’ve asked for is served in a cup-shaped biscuit that you can chew on after you’re done drinking.

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